• Weggeefwinkel Utrecht

    The Utrecht Free Shop!
    A place in Utrecht to pass on your superfluous goods to others.
    And if you need something yourself, you can take it for free!
    Good for the environment and for each other.

    2e daalse dijk 2a

    Wed.& Sat.

    Open: 2pm - 5pm

    Bring goods:
    also Tue.&Thu.
    2pm - 4pm

  • Enough for everybody

    The Weggeefwinkel stands for a society that is not about more and more goods, money or competition. Through sharing and working together we strive for a society where there is enough for everybody,

  • Celebration of differences

    Weggeefwinkel Utrecht celebrates differences between people, and owes its existence to it.

    The trousers that no longer fit your child, do fit someone else. The cups somebody else is tired of, are exactly what you were looking for. And the awful painting that you got from you mother-in-law, fits the interior of someonelse perfectly!

  • Reduction of Production

    The Weggeefwinkel hopes to reduce the ‘necessity’ of production. Clothing is often produced by children or adults under poor working conditions. Production factories cause severe damage to nature and environment by use of energy and chemicals.

    Isn’t it a waste to use scarce resources and energy to make more of what we already have?

  • Reduction of waste

    The Weggeefwinkel also wants to reduce the absurd amount of waste. Many animals die with a stomach full of plastic. Useable things are being burnt because the previous owner was tired of it. With all the CO2 and other nasty fillthiness in the air as a consequence.

  • Clean up your attic!

    The Weggeefwinkel provides a good reason to clean up your attic. Create a chance for someone else to read that book you greatly enjoyed. And if it just doesn’t fit anymore, give your favorite sweater a second chance.

  • Drinks and talks

    The Weggeefwinkel is a place where people can get free coffee or tea (with cookies, if somebody brought them). Just being able to sit down, and not having to do something. Have a talk. Be among people.

  • No charge

    And by the way: it’s for free!

  • Drop by!

    2e daalse dijk 2a

    Open: Wed. and Sat.
    2 PM - 5 PM

    Bring goods:
    also Tue. and Thu.
    2 PM - 4 PM